Top 5 locations to explore Paris differently

From 28 march 2021 to 02 may 2021

Les journées se rallongent, le beau temps revient,  c'est le moment de profiter de Paris !

Découvrez la ville lumière sous un nouveau jour...


Garden of the Buddhist Pantheon

Lovers of Japan will find your reward in the gardens of the Hotel Hidelbach. Hidden away and normally closed to the public, you can make an appointment to visit a quiet place and enjoy a good cup of tea from the hotel's tea house.

19 Avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16e



Playground Duperré

Famous basketball court in Paris for its design, you will be able to immortalize your passage around a very flashy decor designed by the creation studio, III-Studio in collaboration with Nike and the creator of the Pigalle brand, Stéphane Ashpool.

22 Rue Duperré, Paris 9 e




Passage Verdeau

Also known as "Passage des Antiquaires" or "Passage Drouot", the Passage Verdeau is the brother of the Passage Jouffroy. Built at the same period as the latter, it has remained unchanged throughout all this time! A masterpiece of the 19th century, you will be able to walk for hours in this gallery and contemplate all the little details of the past.

6 Rue de la Grange Batelière, Paris 9e





Païva Hotel

A Parisian private mansion built during the reign of Napoleon III at the request of the Païva, a Russian adventurer who became a Portuguese marquise and who loved extravagance... Between luxury and opulence, it was a high point of festivities and reunions for the whole of Paris for almost half a century. In 1903 the place was bought by the Travellers Club (which still owns it today). The hotel can be visited on certain weekends by appointment. What are you waiting for?

25 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris 8e



Rue Rembrandt

A place highly prized by the rich Parisian bourgeoisie of the Second Empire, the "Promenade Monceau" was associated with the great works undertaken by the Péreires brothers. At number 7 you will find a former Victorian-style hotel designed by the architect Gustave Rives. As you stroll through the district, you will also be able to note the architectural variety that was made possible by the modification of the town planning regulations of the city of Paris in 1893.

7 Rue Rembrandt, Paris 8e




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