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Journey of the Obelisk

An outstanding adventure, situated a few minutes away from our hotel, take time to discover the exhibition of the journey of the Obelisk in the Palais de Chaillot (Trocadéro, Paris XVI).
In the ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs made set up in the entrance of their temples, two obelisks on which were engraved their exploits and their tributes to the gods, mainly Amon, the god of the sun. Ray of sunshine was petrified, the obelisk was the contact point between the world of the gods and that of the men.
Both obelisks built under the reign of Ramsès II in the entrance of the temple of Luxor in the XIIIth century BC, were offered in France by the viceroy of Egypt in 1830. The western obelisk, the one who was chosen to be transported in Paris, measures 22,84m and weighs between 220 and 230 tons.
To transport the obelisk was the opportunity of a human adventure rich in new developments which lasted about seven years to bring down it without breaking it, going down the Nile, to crossing in trailer the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to going back up the Seine river and to setting up this monolith in the center of Paris, Place de la Concorde.

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