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Indians of plains to the Quai Branly Museum

Gathering 132 objects and oeuvres of art, the exhibition offers an unprecedented vision of the magnificence and the continuity of the esthetic traditions of the Amerindian populations of the 16th in 20th century. In 1699, is held the first exhibition of the Royal Academy(Regional education authority) of Paint and Sculpture in the Louvre. Almost simultaneously, an anonymous artist inoka (Illinois) of the high valley of the Mississippi, east of the Great Plains, create a magnificent painted dress. Acquired by French travelers who are then in the region, brought back in Europe, it is a member of the collection of the Quai Branly Museum today. It is presented in the exhibition, which celebrates the creativity of 135 artists of the Great Plains of North America, known or anonymous, of previous period to the first contacts with the Europeans - at the beginning of the 16th century - until our days. 
The culture of Plains grouped included peoples of different previous history: semi-nomads living in teepees, and sedentary having a practice the hunting, it sins and the agriculture. After the introduction of the horse by the Spaniards, the nomadism became widespread. From the 18th century to 1870s, this legendary culture bloomed, became identified with his riders hunters of bison, archetypes of the Indian, the timeless silhouette of which lives in the memory of the world.

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